About Advent Health Group

The future of Australian allied health care.

A consolidated group of allied health practices

Advent Health is a consolidated group of allied health practices. Our patient value proposition is based on:

  • patients having greater involvement in treatment planning
  • offering choice of provider, time and location of service provision
  • delivering flexible services in clinic, online, home-based or in the workplace.

Our strong belief is that adopting a multi-disciplinary and patient-first allied health approach is key to a highly sustainable business, which maintains clinical outcomes and enhances profitability.

The future of Australian
allied health care

Advent Health was formed in response to changing industry conditions and growing market demand for allied health services. We believe there is a significant opportunity to not only improve the industry conditions for patients, but create improved industry standards for its clinicians.

Reinforcing and
enhancing a patient-first focus

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    Building and enhancing the efficiency of complementary allied health practices whilest retaining their current branding and patient relationships;

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    Providing additional service offerings and specialisation to member practices;

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    A disciplined acquisition approach incorporating organic and strategic additions;

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    Supporting all of our clinicians with appropriate infrastructure to better understand patient behaviour, improve service and encourage loyalty;

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    Providing support, training, benchmarking mentoring and continuing education to all of our people to improve career path options and to ensure;

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    Optimising patient outcomes and wellness;

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    Retaining patient outcomes as a number one priority; and,

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    Delivering “best practice” centralised and standardised web-based practice management systems, operations, and practice reporting functions to drive strong key stakeholder returns.


Our vision

To be Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary allied health services provider.

Our Vision