Eureka Report – Advent Health Group: Forming a network of allied health clinics

Alan Kohler speaks with the CEO of Advent Health Group, Cris Massis, about its backdoor listing and purchasing of allied health clinics, its future pipeline of acquisitions, and how its national network will grow into the NDIS.

Cris Massis is the CEO of a new listing or at least a new IPO backdoor listing, in fact, it’s coming on through a previously listed company called, Millennium Limited, which basically was a shell and they’ve been working for a couple of years on turning that company into a network of allied health practices, which is all the associated health things to not GPs, but physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, psychology and so on. That’s what they’re doing, they’re using the money from the IPO, which is $26 million, to buy a network of 12 groups of allied health clinics – 59 clinics in total all around the country.

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